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Australia's rising star,

Bridget O'Shannessy is set to illuminate the global music scene. Endearing and engaging with a natural talent for crafting tunes that appeal to a wide audience, it is no surprise this young Australian is attracting the attention of industry taste-makers worldwide.

QUBE Effect 2022 Award-winning singer-songwriter, Bridget explores a new synth-pop sound, reminiscent of 80s sounds and 90s music. With over ten years in the industry, Bridget has opened for Gotye’s The Basics; performed at numerous high-profile events, including the catwalks of London and Shanghai Fashion Weeks.

Having conquered 21,000 streams on her single Long Dirt Road and reaching over 98,000 views on YouTube for her debut single In My Head in 2016, she began her next adventure with her brother and producer Dan O’Shannessy exploring synth-pop sounds, reminiscent of 80s sounds and 90s music. It's all guns blazing for this young artist as she sets up the release of her debut pop single Sydney Street.

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